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Janet McBride

If you have a TV, website or development project which requires a writer than please get in touch to see how I can help you.

  • Voice over and narrator scripts
  • Location and studio presenter links
  • Development proposals
  • Website content
  • Brochure content

I have written the presenter links and voice over scripts for four series of Kirsty’s Home Videos, adeptly fitting voice to pictures and creating a real Sky One personality for the show.

Added to that are the many episodes of TV’s Naughtiest Blunders for ITV1, where facts and name-checks had to be included in order to set up many of the clips. To fit it all in within the  limited time available, often only 5-7 seconds at the top of each clip, proved quite a challenge.

The ten fifty minute episodes of Britain in the 90s, contained individual items ranging from about 30 seconds to three minutes. Each needed to be fully researched in order to be factually correct and the voice over had to provide as much background information as possible, cutting between archive interviews and original sound on the pictures.   Aimed at a broad age range, the voice over narration by Robert Powell, captured the lively spirit of the pop-culture items, swiftly moved to a serious note for the more tragic events, and condensed the facts of many politically complex issues into bit-size chunks.

As Edit Producuer, I wrote narrator scripts for Dirty Tricks of the Tradesmen and for  A Commonwealth Carnival of Music I not only wrote the script for the live show, but also the souvenir brochure and website content.

All the above were written to very short deadlines and had their own specific requirements. Each in their own way created a unique voice for the production, allowing the words to work with the pictures, enhancing the main content and creating a recognisable brand identity for every project.

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